IT Strategy, Governance & Security Services

With decades of expertise, we help businesses to optimize their IT Investments in Projects, Products, and Programs in the form of customized services and solutions with a primary focus on delivering value.


A Chartered Accountant and holds the highly acclaimed certifications Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) from ISACA, USA.

Has over 3 decades of experience in successfully delivering many IT projects and products involving various tools, technologies, processes, and methodologies. Has been instrumental in setting up and successfully operating the 'unique in the world' 'Industry Initiative' for the Mutual Fund Industry in India, namely MF Utilities, which had won many awards and accolades.

Has demonstrated expertise in: Enterprise & Solutions Architecture, Product Management, Service Delivery, Talent Development & Mentoring, General & IT Management, Cross Functional Leadership, IT Governance & Cyber Security and Risk Management. Has participated in over 50 Board Meetings and contributed in the areas of IT Governance, Compliance, Security and Finance.

Services Offered

Strategy & Governance

We Help enterprises to channel their investment in right projects and initiatives with a focus on value delivery. With decades of experience and expertise, we equip the businesses to take informed decisions, knowing the risks and potentials failures that may lie in the road ahead. We help building enterprise-wide strategies to help move from reacting in crisis mode to having proactive, value-added business solutions.

Cyber Risk Management

We Help businesses with tailored solutions for cyber security and data protection so as to remain compliant with the prevalent regulations. By identifying acceptable risks as aligned with the enterprise vision and strategy, we assist enterprise to have the right amount of visibility on the cyber risks. We also assist in defining and implementing a simple and effective cyber risk management program tailored to the specific business unit.

Business Continuity

Today’s business environment requires the continuous availability of the information and technology assets. We assist businesses in evaluating the current and desired state of organization’s resilience level taking into account the risk exposure of the various tools, technologies and processes that are in use. Our approach is to simplify, optimize, and support business in their pursuit of Business Continuity and Disaster recovery.

Technical Reviews

With decades of hands on experience in designing, architecting and delivering IT solutions, we add value to business in the form of technical review and depending on the engagements, the outcomes would include: Assessment of technical debt and recommendations for remediation; Architectural discovery and recommendation for high availability; Technical due diligence required during mergers or acquisitions; Validating the best solutions for the business problems that are to be solved.

Performance Tuning

Typically, solving a performance problem requires visibility and great amount of understanding of various components in play. Today's technical teams lack this visibility. We can assist organizations by deep diving into the source code and other artifacts end to end to identify the performance bottlenecks and offer solutions as well. We have demonstrated expertise in reviewing code written all popular languages and the query language for modern databases.

Intelligent Process Automation

Our approach to the adoption of intelligent automation is human-centered with focus on measurable outcomes. We work hand-in-hand with your teams to review IT environments, recommend adoption of best practices, tools, and technologies to bring in efficiency and effectiveness. We also assist business in successfully implementing the recommendations and in the process unlocking the potential of your teams, so that they practice such practices continuously.

Professional Education


A chartered Accountant holding Fellow Membership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 1992. Has practiced as a Chartered Accountant for about a decade and thereafter moved on with engagements in the IT and related areas.


Holding the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) since 1998 and Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) since 2012. Both these certificaitons were awarded by ISACA, USA with stringent assessment requirements and post qualification CPE requirements.

EC Council

Recongnizing the skills and industry experience, EC Council had granted the Associate CCISO  Certification, which  demonstrates the commitment to excellence in the information security industry and highlights your expertise in areas crucial to a security executive's success. 

Other Certifications

Independent Director

With over 3 decades of experience in various roles, including IT &  Corporate Governance roles, is a qualified Independent Director and is lifetime subscriber of the Independent Directors Data Bank maintained by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IDDB-DI-202105-036321)

Has successfully completed the 5 week certification program covering data privacy, resiliency, security architecture, security technology thinking and the leadership aspects of cyber security. The course was offered by CIOKlub jointly with Data Security Council of India (DSCI).

Has completed a course on 'Innovation of Products & Services: MIT's Design Thinking Approach' by Emeritus in collaboration with MIT Sloan. The course covers about blending the perspectives of marketing, design and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation.

Awards & Recognitions

FE Game Changer 

In recognition of the exemplary contribution in the field of Digital Transformation the FE Power List, an initiative of Financial Express has presented this award in June 2023.

CTO of the Year

This Indian Achievers Award was presented in Jan 2023 in recognition of the outstanding contribution in the form of setting up the Unique Industry Infrastructure for the Mutual Fund Industry in India.

Cornerstone Recognition

This recognition is from the Chairman, and MD & CEO of MF Utilities for outstanding contribution, Leadership and Vision towards successful setting up and operation of MF Utilities

SME Leader Award

This award was presented in Oct 2018 by the Committee of Members in Industry & Business of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in recognition of outstanding contribution under the category "Innovator - Technology"